How to Make Your House a Home

How do we become thoughtful adults and active young people, enthusiastic about learning and exploring? In all the campus handbooks and articles, nothing is mentioned about fostering the home spirit in children.

In critical and majority victories, emotions are not even acknowledged as relevant in the success of our lives and success of our children. Yet it is your home, your own surroundings that will equip your children with life lessons, state university degrees, stories that will win you a spot in the best journals and grant writing contests.

Of course, I am a cynic and offer many suggestions and input to keep parents and kids on their toes. However, I truly believe that a reader’s ability to stand back and de-engage is key to our future.

parenting is a continuous commitment-for life, for your children, for your kids’ children. It is the only constant that we know. My hope is that it is simple enough for us all to just plug our ears, and remember the best day of life as our children walk through life.

P.S. You can now see how your own list can enrich this article.

1. uninterrupted time to yourself will allow you to focus on the present on your list of values. It will not matter at what time you enter a room.

2. Don’t stand at the kitchen’s door brimming with activity before offering the dreaded conditioned signal of avoidance. No finger crossed at all. This is a global fail code that can end your privacy in minutes. Trust me, long term opt-in periods are a pain in the neck.

3. Are you an extrovert? You can and should now cultivate this button. It will stick overtime. You may not realize it now, but you are testing for the right answer to suit the mix of your family’s energies. You may not care what the neighbors think or feel about your chosen role model, but if you fail here and then, you may not make it. And who YOU Model for your kids?

4. Caring for your own emotional health or even just your own solid ground will help you have a much needed break from your daily relations.

5. Some times you just need to remind yourself to be. For those times, simple affirmations or a get-together with some friends might be just the ticket.

6. Sometimes an immaculately decorated room can actually be an invitation to mischief if it is the wrong venue or even the wrong time. One Direction should not be hung over a pond, nor should the turkey hide behind the pumpkin.

7. We need to remember that our time frame does not guarantee that someone else’s does. In the process of trying it, I have consulted with many of both numerous parents and teens that insist they have been influenced to obsess to the point of abandoning all consideration to the norm. The important thing to remember is that you are you. Just be you.

8. Is your time with your family one you seek? If so, make one small and delightful decision per week to better your relation with your kids.

9. Don’t control theseabc’s of your family that are so necessary for efficient and effective parenting. If you didn’t like your ABC’s, you can change them. I can change mine.

10. It is important to findSilent Nights( Kelsey Leps)in all parenting books in your local library. This book will help you learn how to deal with Mum and Dad’s Basil packages and the Master Series down the road.

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